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Education and Teaching

Academic year is divided into two semesters in our faculty and the total duration of education is 4 years. Preparatory class for foreign language learning is offered  for volunteers and the students who do not attend in the preparatory class must take compulsory foreign language courses in both semesters  during the 1st  year.   

10 different license programs of our faculty aims at bringing up:

- agricultural engineers who have acquired  theoretical, technical and practical  knowledge in the fields such as the production and improvement  of  horticulture and field crops, diseases,  pests, harmful herbs, dairy products  technology, irrigation, dreinage, preservation of soil and water, soil, water and plant relations, plant feeding and fertilization, agricultural economy, agricultural policies, agricultural publication, agricultural tools and equipment, animal breeding and improvement,    

- landscape engineers who consider the concepts of nature, planning and design in  association with  other, creates economic and aesthetic environments for the use  and planning of land on a biological basis anda  are able to analyse the data related to the nature, culture and economic environment  and  provide arrangement, renewal and maintenance services  both for buildings and plants.  

Currently more than 2000 students attend undergraduate education in our faculty whichgraduated  approximately 16.000 students since its foundation . The relative grading system is applied in the education & teaching system of our faculty.

In all departments of our faculty, Post-graduate and doctorate education which are included in Institute of Science are given.  Currently there are more than 500 post-graduate students attending courses in all departments of our faculty. 

The compulsory internship of our graduate students has been divided into two periods beginning from the academic year 2011-2012 in our faculty. The second grade students of our faculty are required to complete their 10 days internship in the Menemen Research, Application and Production Farm. The students who successfully complete that internship could complete their 35 days internship in the 3rd grade either in their department or the relevant public and private establishments.

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