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Menemen Research, Application and Production Farm

Research, Application and Production farm with a land size of 340 hectares is expropriated in 1963 and located among three towns namely Koyundere, Ulukent and Seyrek in the district of Menemen. In addition to this land, there is another land allocated to our faculty for 49 years and the total land with this 70 hectares, the total land size of the farm sums up to 410 hectares.

The soil of the land is alluvial soil carried and deposited by the Gediz River and has a sandy loam structure. The land can be irrigated via channels linked to the Gediz River. There are six submersible pumps and two of them are used for pumping water for human consumption while the others are used for irrigation purposes.  

The production at the farm includes plant, animal production and agricultural product enterprises and a total of fifty-one personnel, five agricultural engineer, two veterinaries, one agricultural technician, four officers, three workers and other thirty-six workers from a private company are employed.

The machinery park of the farm consists of two refrigerator trucks, one lorry, one van, one pickup lorry and thirteen tractors in the power range varying between 50-106 HP. The two of the tractors are equipped with front loader.

In terms of agricultural machinery park, there are 2 reversible ploughs, seven disk harrows either mounted or trailed, three rotovators, three ridgers, five rotary hoes for row crops, one driller and one precision seeder, two fertilizer distributors, two floats and also some other types of machineries are available. In addition to the above mentioned soil tillage machineries, there are two hay harvesters, two forage harvesters, two mowers, two balers and thirteen trailers used for fertilizer and crop transportation are in use.

The plant production includes wheat in 140 ha of land, cotton in 30 ha, clover in 15 ha, feed crop in 20 ha and corn as a main crop in 30 ha and a second crop in 140 ha. In addition to field crops, a land of 30 hectares is allocated for the vegetable production and vegetables in the summer such as tomato, green pepper, eggplant, melon, water melon, cucumber, zucchini, strawberry and potato and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, spinach, leek, celery, lettuce and onion   as winter vegetables are grown. Medicinal and aromatic plants such as thyme, melissa (lemon balm), sage and echinacea are also grown.

Fruit production is achieved in a land of variable size such as vineyard of 2.5 ha, citrus tangerine of 2.1 ha (700 trees), oranges in 1.4 ha of land (309 trees), walnut in 1.3 ha (220 trees), peach in 0.9 ha (260 trees), plum in 2.7 ha (550 trees), apricot in 1.8 ha (500 trees), pomegranate in 2 ha (700 trees), olive production (3500 trees) in a land size of 14.1 hectares along with pine nut (5000 trees) production in a land size of 46.7 hectares. All of the vegetables and fruit harvest and postharvest processing are achieved by the farm except pine nut and all of them have organic production certificate.

Animal production at the farm is of importance. The number of cattle, sheep and poultry is 422, 500 and 1000, respectively. Egg production is also achieved and eggs are marketed at the selling points of our faculty. The farm has an automatic milking unit that provides milking of 16 animals simultaneously and a total of 3000 liters of milk is harvested from 150 cows at lactation period. The milk obtained is processed by the milk unit located at the farm and milk products such as (pasteurized milk, different yoghurt varieties, cheese, cream and butter) are marketed at the selling points of our faculty and also sold to Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Ege University Health, Culture and Sports Center, İZBETON, Balçova Municipality, Veterinary Control Research Center and Central Bank.

The product for making Turkish soup, namely tarhana is also produced in the amount of 30 tons at the farm every year and marketed at the selling points of our faculty and private companies (Kipa, Pehlivanoğlu, Gürmar and other markets).

Additionally, fertilizer for foliar application in the amount of 100 tons is produced at the farm on behalf of TARİŞ.


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