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Mordoğan Research, Application and Experiment Station

Ege University Mordoğan Research, Application and Experiment Station was established in Izmir province of Karaburun town Mordoğan village located on 287 decares pier in 1961. Education and training purposes meeting rooms and social facilities are located in this area of 7946 m2. Also management building, consultion building, employee apartment, shelter facilities for students and lecturers coming for education and training is located in 13760 m2 area.

Three permanent workers are working at the station. According to the workload, faculty staff and lecturers also works. According to the terrain and crops, station is equipped with necessary tool and equipment. Also 300 m2 size vegetable seed bed is available. Three artesian is located on land.

Research and applications are carried out in 265 decares. In this area, studies are carried out about production of olive, almond, vineyard, vegetable and ornamental plants. Technical knowledge is transferred to producers. If necessary production material, like seedling or sapling is provided. Products that obtain from the results of production activities are presented to people.

3000 the olive and almond trees, nearly 700 the pine and cypress trees located appropriate on the area. There are 50 decares of collection vineyard, 20 decares of plum, peach and apricot trees. Vineyard and fruit orchard in the area a gene bank is characterized. In addition, there are 10 decares of artichoke garden, 2 decares of daffodils and hyacinth plant. The summer and winter vegetable production is carried out nearly 20 decares. The obtained fruits and vegetables are offered to living in people Izmir from of salesroom the Faculty of Agriculture in the campus. The most delicious and flavored olive oil is obtained at the area; pickled olives are produced in olive processing institution in the station.

Mordoğan Research, Application and Experiment Station is the center of research, education and practice area, in addition there is natural habitat where is obtained all kinds of organic products. While education and training Agricultural Engineer candidates and the Faculty of Agriculture researchers with the nature and the sea, it is also a living area where the time passed peacefully. During the summer months, the station has been guest Faculty staff and students and also university staffs, who spend a nice time with agriculture and nature, production stage of the healthy products can watch and these products can be consumed.


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