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Faculty of Agriculture

Research and Publications

Numerous research studies are carried out in the departments and units  in order to increase the level of knowledge of the academic staff and graduate  or post- graduate students in our faculty and introduce  scientific  innovations and find solutions for the problems encountered. In our faculty, various projects which in different fields of agriculture are carried out with the support  and contribution of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs  and the Ministry of environment and forestry and the relevant organization, State Planning Organization (SPO), TUBITAK, EBİLTEM (Ege University , Research and Application Center of Science and Technology) as well as European Union, World bank and the private sector. Besides it carries out sceintific research projects (BAP) funded by its own sources.         

Our faculty hosts national and international meetings (congress, symposium, workshop, courses etc.) which are organized every year for the purpose of sharing and evaluating research findings, seeking means of solutions for the problems, producing new projects and creating information exchange and letting researchers come together 

Members of the academic staff of our faculty publish books, articles and present scientific papers and presentation in order to represent the results of their research studies to the world of science. In addition to, there are also publications like course and exercise books, supplementary textbooks, course notes, bulletins, brochures, report etc., which are prepared for students, producers and community. The number of these publications have reached 10.000 since the foundation of our faculty.