Çerez Örnek

Mordoğan Research, Application and Experiment Station

Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Mordoğan Trial-Research and Application Station was established in 1961 on an area of 286,986 m2 in the port area of Mordoğan Village, Karaburun District of Izmir. There are educational and training meeting rooms and social facilities on 7.946 m2 of this area. In addition, the 13,760 m2 area includes an administration building, information building, worker lodgings, and accommodation facilities for students and faculty members who come for educational purposes.

In the area of 265.280 m2 where research and applications are carried out, studies are carried out on the production, breeding and variety preservation of olive, almond, vineyard, vegetable and ornamental plants suitable for the ecology of the region, technical information is given to the producers, and production materials such as seedlings, saplings and onions are provided when necessary. The products obtained as a result of production activities are offered to the local people. There is also a collection vineyard on the land with olive, almond, pine, cypress, plum, peach and apricot trees. It has the feature of a gene bank in the field of vineyard and fruit. In addition, artichoke, daffodil, hyacinth are produced. Summer and winter vegetable production is also carried out. The fruits and vegetables obtained are offered to the local people and to the people of İzmir at the sales points of the Faculty of Agriculture on the campus. The most delicious and aromatic olive oils of the region are obtained from the olives obtained, and brined olives are produced in the olive operation facility located at the station.

Mordoğan Trial-Research and Application Station; In addition to being a research, education and application area, it is a natural habitat where all kinds of organic products are obtained. With its natüre and sea, it is a living space where Agricultural Engineer candidates and Agricultural Faculty researchers spend their time in peace while doing education and training. In the summer months, faculty and students as well as university staff are hosted at the station, they can spend a good time alone with agriculture and nature, they can watch the production phase of healthy products and consume these products.


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